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Lifestyle Family VIdeo

A tiny hand that curls instinctively around a finger.

The looks of two fresh parents who cross in mid-air.

A loving gesture of a big sister or a doubtful touch of a big brother.


Each moment with your baby is precious. Second by second.

If you could, you’d capture them and put them in a tiny box. Ready to revisit these moments, just as pure as they were at the time.

Pictures are a great way to capture the beauty of this special time, but in film you’re able to register each tiny gesture, look and moment that disappears in between the photos. A lifestyle family video is a memory that instantly takes you back to this mesmerizing phase. 

Second by second.


Just like the photoshoots, these sessions are free of awkward posing. It flows along naturally with the photoshoot.

I’ll build you your own personal time machine. On a screen, easy as that.


Do you want to learn more?

Please contact me, so we can discuss it further.


And now ... be inspired by the wonderful intimacy captured in this documentary.

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